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Stone Brewery

August 15th, 2009 by Justin | Comments Off on Stone Brewery | Filed in Breweries

We had a conference to attend and speak at this weekend in San Diego.  So, we decided to make the fullest out of it and visit the Stone Brewery in Escondido on the way home.  In short, it was the best decision ever.

Besides the obviously fine beer that Stone boasts, the food was also exceptional.  Stone’s self-proclaimed commitment to organic and locally grown meat and produce antes up in a way more than words.  This was some of the best food that I’ve had in a very long time, definitely better than I expected from a brewery where typically only the hops are the focus.

We enjoyed their Mushroom Pillows, Sausages Times 4, Cheese Broccoli Tempura soup, and a delicious Buffalo Burger with blue cheese and smoked Gouda.  Can’t wait to go back, likely for my birthday in September.  I’d suggest that if you’re in the area, that you enjoy yourself to the fullest at their bar and bistro, and sleep it off in the garden.

(I’d upload a picture, but WordPress is being cranky right now.  I’ll get back to it.)

As far as the beer’s concerned, I’d get yourself a taste of their 13th Anniversary Ale before it’s gone.  My favorites are any of the three bastards: Arrogant Bastard, Oaked Arrogant Bastard, and the Double Bastard.  These are all great beers and the original Arrogant Bastard has become almost a house-hold standard for me over the past year.  Most of Stone’s own creations might be heavier than the common beer man (or woman) can appreciate.  But not to worry if you can’t; they also stock their bar with fine beers from other local breweries giving you quite a selection.  Give Lightning Brewery’s Thunderweizen a try.

Also, if you’re looking to squeeze out some free samples, take the tour as they follow it up with a selection of four tasters.  You don’t get to pick which ones, but you’d probably mess that up anyway.

Today was the first time we’ve made it out there, but it wont be the last.  Amen for ale.

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